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Functional food + lifestyle essentials

Functional Food +

Lifestyle Essentials

The Well Necessities Collection is a seasonal surprise delivery of functional foods & lifestyle essentials that protect & promote your health.
Made with l-o-v-e, by a Registered Dietitian and a Doctor


What is Functional Food?

Functional foods go beyond serving basic nutrition such as calories for survival. When we consume functional foods, we are fueling our bodies to promote optimal health and ward off disease.  We are eating to thrive.

What's in the bag!?

Well, we can't tell you exactly whats in the bag, as it will change seasonally and remain a surprise until we ship.

However, we can tell you that each season will contain at least 10-15 full and sample size on the  go snacks, natural healthy alternatives, nutrition supplements, &  trusted lifestyle essentials.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a photo of some similar products you may receive.

Why become a Well-ebrity?

Well ebrities are part of our tribe.  They live very busy, chaotic lifestyles, but take their health very seriously.

They love opportunities to discover new products, and trust they are in good hands :)

Will I receive the same products each season?

Nope! We are constantly scouring  through hundreds of products.  Ultimately, we select only the best to give to you.

All of our products have our "seal of approval."

However, if we love and trust a partiuclar brand, we are more than happy to partner with them again rotating with a different product or flavor.

Is it vegan?

The food products that are selected are plant based.

How often will I get my collection?

We delivery quarterly.  That means you will receive a new Collection every Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!

We are so excited to have you join our  Tribe! Become a Well- ebrity today!

How it works

1. Choose Wellness

Begin your wellness journey with us!

2. We select only the best for you

Discover functional foods + lifestyle essentials that enhance your health & wellbeing

3. Enjoy

Embrace wellness by enjoying our curated Collection

Please note: this is just an example of some of the type of products that may be featured in our collection, as the actual products will be a surprise each season!